La Plaza Sandbox project

La Plaza Sandbox project

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La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez Community Garden offers a unique learning opportunity for the youngest New Yorkers.

Here our children play and have fun while learning how to take care of plants, how to compost, and where our food comes from. Most importantly they learn how to be part of a community. Playing in a garden where all ages, ethnicities, religions, and races meet and where many different activities take place at the same time is the best way for them to learn and grow.

photogallery from Olympia:

and this is what is was before the gorgeous re-build:

Our garden has a big community of families with children and the sandbox is literally where many long-lasting friendships start. The La Plaza Sandbox is heavily used daily during the warmer months but also on the weekends during the colder season by many local families. For more than six months of the year, this part of the garden literally functions as an oasis for toddlers and under-slept parents. We’re now designing and building a new sandbox that:

Will restore the structure; replenish the sand and add a protective mesh tarp for rain, trash, and rodents
The new design will offer smart sitting for guardians that function also as storage for toys and children-friendly tools.


PDF of plans

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