Garden members are encouraged to join a committee to help with chores in the garden. As the old saying goes: “What’s the greatest thing about garden work? – it never ends.”

Ecology and Sustainability

Maintains our composting facilities and program as well as the pond and manages the flora and fauna of the garden, from soil testing and pruning trees to pest control.


Manages the physical space of the park. Works on landscape maintenance, including weeding and pruning, planning and planting, and capital improvements such as the solar pavilion.

Membership and Plots

Maintains our member lists and helps us welcome and orient new members; Assigns plots as they become available to interested gardeners and ensures that the plots sections of the garden are well-maintained; Manages membership dues and plot fees.

Media and Communications

Handles communications to members and the broader community through our email newsletter, website and social feeds.


Fields incoming requests to hold events in the garden and manages our events calendar, which coordinates hosting of events including children’s birthday parties, music and theater performances, environmental education and community organizing meetings. Organizes bike repair and medicinal garden workshops.

Composting at La Plaza

Note La Plaza is not a drop-off site. If the gate is closed or the metal cans are full please dispose of your compost elsewhere or return later.

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