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We are happy to announce that La Plaza community garden has now completed its solar Pavilion! Events and workshops will now be 100% powered by the Sun.

However, the solar Pavilion was expensive, so if you’re having an event using electricity, we ask that you make a donation to the garden.

La Plaza community garden has a long history of being a leader in sustainable Urban garden design. Using our garden to model how Community Gardens could interact with the community, we’ve provided the neighborhood with free events and sustainable workshops. We have regularly hosted medicinal, composting, water recovery, and bicycle repair workshops.

If you’re seeking to host an event or workshop in the garden, please send us a written proposal detailing the activities and resources needed at Our events committee will review the event. Typically, only members of the garden can host smaller barbecues or birthday parties.

La Plaza community garden has a long history of building, rather than dividing, community. If you are considering doing a larger event we ask that you try to partner up with one of the local community groups. Below is our list of groups that have a long standing history of using the garden:

LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens)
Hosting musical and art events uniting neighborhood gardens.

The Loisaida Center
Improving and protecting the rich history of positive culture and contributions that Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities have made in this city.

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space
Activist history workshop, films, and community outreach about gardens and urban design.

Earth Celebrations
Organizing environmental action through art, costumes, and parades.

Times Up! environmental organization
Any type of Eco-sustainable event or workshop.


Once you’ve tried to partner up with a local community group, your event is much more likely to be approved by the events committee.

If you choose not to partner up, you must make a substantial donation to The Garden. If we aren’t familiar with your group, we may also ask that you make a deposit to ensure you clean up afterward.

Rules of engagement

  • There is no alcohol, firearms, or illegal drug use permitted in the gardens.
  • If your event requires amplified sound, you must get a permit.
  • There are no garbage pails or bathrooms in the garden. After your event is over, you must have a staff assigned to clean up the entire garden and place your garbage at the corner of 9th Street and Avenue C.
  • If your party or event is involving kids in any way, you must assign someone who can stand around the pond and make sure that kids do not run through the plots or mess with the garden/pond in any damaging way.
  • Every event/party/barbecue/workshop/etc. must be chaperoned or be attended by a member of the garden. Even if your event is approved, a garden member still needs to be there the whole time and lock up afterward.

La Plaza community garden has a long history of sustainable and community-building events. With your help and respect, we can continue to not only build community but also be a model for community gardens in urban spaces.

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